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making life while traveling better

Since our conception, our mission has evolved beyond connecting nomads with coaches (although it’s still the core of what we do). The average nomad travels to 6+ countries each year, and our experiences while traveling mean the absolute most to us. And the truth is that for many people, “traveling” can be synonymous with anxiety and dread.

We believe that there’s another way, and it’s why we’re on a mission to make traveling full-time better for everyone.

“I founded Nomad Grab with the mission of providing people unprecedented access to professional coaching so that everyone, at every stage of travel experience, could benefit from the power of this incredible resource. We’ve all experienced those moments while traveling where we wish we had someone to lean on to talk through a challenge and create a game plan to move forward. Someone to help us identify risky situations  or dangerous neighborhoods. Someone to impart wisdom and experience on the best moves to make while abroad to get the most out our travel experience. And that’s where our nomad coaches come in. Our mission is now a reality that is realized every day through our platform where our coaches provide support, help to drive action, and build connections for thousands of people, every day. At Nomad Grab, we believe it’s essential to meet the individual needs of travelers in the best of times – even more so when the times are as challenging as they’ve been over the last few years. We are setting a new standard for the future world of travel; a world where coaching is provided to travelers at every level and delivers the individualized support that each and every one of us deserves.”

Ike C. Okparaeke

Founder | Nomad Grab

Our values

Everyone belongs

We work to foster an environment where everyone’s humanity and unique lived experiences are celebrated, so that all employees can thrive.

Further together

Our success is contingent upon defining and seeking clear lines of ownership, and every individual taking responsibility for their contributions.

Champion transparency

We’re committed to proactively sharing our ideas, plans, dependencies, insights, and challenges, even when it may not feel easy or comfortable.

Results matter

We demonstrate our commitment to our purpose with the results we drive. We see impact as more meaningful than intent, and actions as more powerful than words.

Strive for better

We’re always looking for ways to further and deepen our impact wherever we can. We don’t accept the status quo as a given.

Meet our coaches

Our world-renowned professional coaches are some of the easiest people to talk with and are ready to support you on your travels no matter what issue comes your way.

Ike Okparaeke

Location: Medellin
Occupation: Data Analyst
Favorite City: Rio De Janiero

Sofia Burgois

Location: Istanbul
Occupation: Graphic Design
Favorite City: Buenos Aires

Bryan Horace

Location: Sao Paulo
Occupation: Video Editing
Favorite City: Rio De Janiero

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