Where do the American Digital Nomads like to travel to?

American Digital Nomads

Explore why American digital nomads choose to work while traveling the world. Uncover their favorite destinations, the reasons why they go abroad, the challenges they face, and what priorities they have when choosing a destination.

How Digital Nomads Stay Fit In Florianópolis, Brazil

How Digital Nomads Stay Fit In Florianópolis, Brazil

This article explores how digital nomads can stay fit while living in Florianópolis, Brazil. It provides insights into the various fitness options available, including gyms, yoga studios, and outdoor activities such as hiking and surfing. The article also highlights the city’s healthy food options and its overall wellness-oriented lifestyle. Through this article, digital nomads can gain valuable information on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle while enjoying their work and travel experience in Florianópolis.

Passport Bros: A Winning Community

Passport Bros: a winning community

Join the Passport Bros community and discover a world of adventure and exploration. Learn how this group of travelers is changing the game and find out why you should join them

The Graduate’s Guide to Living and Working Abroad

The Graduate's Guide to Living and Working Abroad

Discover how to turn your post-graduation travels into a career as a digital nomad. Learn about the best remote job opportunities, tips for living and working abroad, and how to make a successful transition to a location-independent lifestyle.

Living on a Budget as a Digital Nomad: 5 Tips and Tricks!

Living on a budget as a digital nomad

The article provides tips and tricks for digital nomads to save money while living and working from any part of the world with an internet connection. The suggestions cover affordable destinations, the use of coworking spaces, cooking your own meals, saving money on transportation and entertainment, and taking advantage of discounts and rewards programs. It also offers tips on how to find a quality coworking space, how to save money on grocery shopping, and how to find the best travel deals.