Join 1,000+ Digital Nomad Communities

Join 1,000+ Digital Nomad Communities

All of the WhatsApp Groups for Digital Nomads in Mexico

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Access the Ultimate List of WhatsApp Groups for Digital Nomads in Brazil

Get a sneak peak of what Nomad Grab has to offer by downloading the most comprehensive list of WhatsApp groups for Rio de Janeiro (specifically for Digital Nomads).

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Have you ever dreamed of living a life of freedom, flexibility, and endless adventure? Well, welcome to the world of digital nomads.

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The Dos and Don’ts in a Digital Nomad WhatsApp Group

Navigating through a digital nomad WhatsApp group can be tricky if you’re not familiar with the unspoken rules of the game. Here are some important dos and don’ts to remember to get the best out of these groups and contribute positively.


  1. Respectful Communication: It’s essential to maintain a respectful tone in your messages. Avoid offensive or inappropriate language, and remember, everyone in the group deserves to be treated with kindness and respect.

  2. Stay on Topic: Keep your conversations relevant to the group’s purpose. If the group is about digital nomad life in Mexico, avoid going off-topic by discussing unrelated subjects.

  3. Contribute Regularly: Active participation is encouraged. Share your experiences, tips, and ask thoughtful questions. The more you engage, the more value you’ll receive and give to the group.

  4. Help Others: If a group member asks a question and you have the answer or can offer valuable insight, don’t hesitate to help. The spirit of community lies in mutual aid.

  5. Use the Right Channels: If a topic requires a lengthy discussion, consider taking it to a private message with the relevant individuals instead of crowding the group chat.


  1. Don’t Spam: Refrain from posting excessive messages or irrelevant content. Also, avoid any promotional content unless it’s allowed by the group rules.

  2. Don’t Dominate Conversations: Allow others the chance to speak and share their views. A conversation should never be one-sided.

  3. Don’t Share Personal Information: Unless necessary, avoid sharing sensitive personal information of yourself or others in the group. Always respect privacy.

  4. Avoid Arguments: It’s normal to have differing opinions, but avoid turning these differences into arguments. If a discussion escalates, it’s best to agree to disagree and move on.

  5. Don’t Ignore the Group’s Rules: Every group has a set of rules. Make sure you read, understand, and follow them. Violating these rules could result in removal from the group.

Remember, being a part of a WhatsApp group for digital nomads means being part of a community. Treat others as you would want to be treated, and you’ll find these groups to be a fantastic resource and support network in your digital nomad journey.

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Introducing the Megalist of Groups for Digital Nomads in Mexico

Now that we’ve covered why WhatsApp groups are popular among digital nomads and how NOT to get banned, let’s dive into the top groups in Mexico.

Playa del Carmen

Group PurposeGroup NameInvite Link
Events, fitness, meetups, buy/sell, property, dating, volunteering, wellnessWelcome to Playa Del CarmenJOIN
Airbnb Hosts and Travelers in MexicoJOIN
Admin ONLYAdmins of Playa Whatsapp, STRICTLY FOR ADMINSJOIN
Awakening communityAwake in PlayaJOIN
BooksIntercambio Venta Libros (Exchange Book Sales Espanol)JOIN
BooksBOOKED In Playa (Book Club)JOIN
BusinessList of all known Co-working spacesJOIN
BusinessStartup House MexicoJOIN
BusinessPlaya Savage ConnectorsJOIN
Pet LoversJOIN
BusinessOnline Business OwnersJOIN
BusinessHigh Performance & Personal Growth for Entrepreneurs in PlayaJOIN
BusinessObo Coaches & ConsultantsJOIN
BusinessOnline Business Owners & ConsultantsJOIN
BusinessBoss LadiesJOIN
BusinessNomads Traders /Investors [strictly no crypto].JOIN
Business and meetupsCashFlow Club Playa , Investment ClubJOIN
Buy and sellClothes Swap and Sell Group for Curvy ladiesJOIN
FitnessSeniors Sweat & Stretch ClassJOIN
Buy\SellBuy, Sell, Swap, Rent PDCJOIN
Buy\SellActive Ladie’s SalesJOIN
Buy\SellPlaya & Area Buy/Sell/TradeJOIN
Buy\Sell Crypto onlyBuy & Sell w/ Crypto PDCJOIN
BusinessReConnect: Ice Baths & BreathworkJOIN
Ceremony/SpiritualitySheeCasa Ceremony 🌕🔥🌵JOIN
CreativesCreative ProfessionalsJOIN
DanceBachata ClassesJOIN
DanceVida SalseraJOIN
DanceSalsa Lovers WorldwideJOIN
DatingSingles PDC Mixer (Telegram)JOIN
DatingSingles Escape (x-catamaran, x-pdc mixer)JOIN
DogsRe/Vida 🐶 ENG (Dog Fostering)JOIN
DogsRe/Vida 🐶 ES (crianza de perros)JOIN
EducationKeep Kids in SchoolJOIN
EntrepreneursAngel Investor: Ideas?JOIN
EventsPlaya events by ALD eventsJOIN
Facebook – GeneralFacebook group – Expats in PlayaJOIN
Facebook – GeneralRiviera Maya Digital NomadsJOIN
Finance / CryptoCrypto Community Riviera MayaJOIN
Finance / CryptoStock & Crypto PlayaJOIN
Finance / CryptoWeekly Crypto DinnerJOIN
Finance / CryptoCrypto del CarmenJOIN
Finance / CryptoCrypto & VibeJOIN
Finance / CryptoLeadHERS in CryptoJOIN
FinancialOTC Play Del Carmen & Tulum Crypto Peer2Peer Crypto / USD / PesosJOIN
FitnessTennis – Playa LadiesJOIN
FitnessBelly Dance Riviera MayaJOIN
FitnessBe Fit Playa CommunityJOIN
FitnessAcroyoga Acro CaribbeanJOIN
FitnessVball en Playa (Volleyball)JOIN
FitnessActive PlayaJOIN
FitnessTennis Lovers PDCJOIN
FitnessFútbol PDC 🏝⚽️JOIN
FitnessPole Training w/ LuzJOIN
FitnessPlaya Sol SteppersJOIN
Fitness/Active LivingGet Moving Playa FitnessJOIN
FoodTacos – PDC Taco ClubJOIN
FoodPlaya FoodiesJOIN
FOODPlaya Del Carmen Eats and Drinks Co-OpJOIN
FOODThe Meal CompanyJOIN
FreedomPlaya del Carmen & Maya Riviera Freedom LoversJOIN
Fun / SingingPlaya Karaoke ClubJOIN
Fun FitnessJust Keep SwimmingJOIN
Fun SingingKARAOKE Club Playa del CarmenJOIN
Ice baths, breathwork, holsitic healthReConnect: Ice baths & WellnessJOIN
IntellectualCritical Thinkers of Playa del CarmenJOIN
JewishJewish Playa & TulumJOIN
Learning SpanishPractice Spanish PlayaJOIN
Learning SpanishThe LechugasJOIN
LGBTQQueers Of PlayaJOIN
MeetupsPlaya Shibari MeetupJOIN
MeetupsThe OG Playa MeetUpsJOIN
MeetupsPlaya Rainbow Squad 🌈JOIN
MeetupsBusiness meets Spirit MeetupsJOIN
MeetupsPlaya del Carmen👨‍💻NomadsJOIN
Meetups + GeneralPlaya Meet upsJOIN
Melanin Popp’nHigVibezPlayaJOIN
Melanin Popp’nSBW [Strong Black Women] Dialogue Group ChatJOIN
Melanin Popp’nBlack Well + GoodJOIN
Melanin Popp’nPlaya Noir GroupJOIN
Melanin Popp’nThe Family – PDCJOIN
Melanin Popp’nCaribbean MexpatsJOIN
Melanin Popp’nRevolutionary Travel FamilyJOIN
Mental HealthPlaya Mental Health SupportJOIN
Military VetsMilitary veterans & spouses living in MexicoJOIN
NichedCougar Club PDCJOIN
PartiesPlaya PartiesJOIN
PartiesPlaya Del Carmen Parties and eventsJOIN
Personal\Biz DevelopmentPresent Your PitchJOIN
Personal\Biz DevelopmentPDCYESJOIN
Personal\Biz DevelopmentPDCYESJOIN
PhilosophyPractical Philosophy ClubJOIN
PoliticsStand by Ukraine Playa del CarmenJOIN
PropertyPlaya Property FindersJOIN
Real Estate / ApartmentsRentals (search rentas playa as 10+ options) now ((((JOIN
Real Estate / ApartmentsPlaya Real EstateJOIN
Real Estate / ApartmentsPlaya Real EstateJOIN
Real Estate / ApartmentsPlaya PropertyJOIN
Real Estate / Apartments dataAirdna airbnb/VRBO data sharing groupJOIN
Relationships & SexualitySwingers PlayaJOIN
SeaRivera Maya Scuba ChatJOIN
SeaSnorkeling groupJOIN
SisterhoodAwake Ladies of PlayaJOIN
SisterhoodSoul Sister Circle PlayaJOIN
SisterhoodSoul Sister Circle PlayaJOIN
SisterhoodGYST (Get Your Sh** Together) Parties for WomenJOIN
SocialArgentina Del CarmenJOIN
Sound HealingSheeSoundHealing ☀️🕉️🌕JOIN
SpiritualityQuantum Healing & Energy Healing Sessions ✨JOIN
Wellness & SpiritualityHEALTHY PARTY!JOIN
SpiritualityBaddha Well BeingJOIN
SpiritualityTantra PlayaJOIN
SpiritualityMeditación 💞 Martes 7pm (Spanish)JOIN
SpiritualityWizards & Witches MeetupsJOIN
SpiritualitySound Healing CommunityJOIN
SpiritualityTantric BlissJOIN
SpiritualityCosmic Love SoundbathJOIN
SpiritualityWorkshops & Meditation 🧘‍♀️ (English)JOIN
SpiritualityQuébec Awake PlayaJOIN
SpiritualityGeometria SagradaJOIN
SpiritualitySheeZone AlchemyJOIN
Spiritualy and wellnessInnerdance – Kundalini activationJOIN
TravelTravel Yucatan (de Playa)JOIN
VisaVisa FMM days extendJOIN
Visual ArtSheeArtworks ⚛️JOIN
WellbeingRise the Vibe MedidationJOIN
WellbeingAbundance MeetupJOIN
WellbeingAbundance MeetupJOIN
WNBAPDC Women BasketballJOIN
Yoga CommunityPlayaYogaTribe Community🕉️JOIN
Yoga/SpiritualitySheeYoga PDC ☀️🕉️🌕JOIN
Techies in PlayaJOIN
The Queendom, Goddesses 💕👑JOIN
Playa del Carmen Freedom Lovers CommunityJOIN
VIVA LA VIDA En MEXICO”: German Speaking Expats GroupJOIN
Mariposa (Breathe your love)JOIN
Conscious Community PDCJOIN
Meet Up Team RiveraJOIN
Queers Of PlayaJOIN
Playa Cool EventsJOIN
Rise the Vibe MedidationJOIN
PDC 🏘 Sublet-Swap-ShareJOIN
Pet Lovers PlayaJOIN
American FootballJOIN
Playa Business UniteJOIN
Create a life you adoreJOIN
Playa Movie ClubJOIN
International REI Club (Real Estate Investors)JOIN
Classes with SportyblondyJOIN
Playa Photography GroupJOIN
Brits & UK Citizens living in PlayaJOIN
Ceremonias HolísticasJOIN
Innerdance & baño de sonidoJOIN
Men’s circleJOIN
Eventos Península (Playa, Mérida, Tulum, Cancún, etc)JOIN
Kundalini-Innerdance (Coral Coco) ⚕️JOIN
Vegans in Playa del Carmen (new for 2023)JOIN
Playa Photography GroupJOIN
Bitcoin Lovers PlayaJOIN
Speed Dating PlayaJOIN
Pickleball Playa del CarmenJOIN
Playa KarokeJOIN
Fun and active ladies 2023JOIN
Ladies resources and informationJOIN
Superhumanos Concientes (ice baths)JOIN

Mexico City, Cancun, and more!

Acapulco Freedom CellJOIN
Mazatlan Freedom CellJOIN
Merida Freedom CellJOIN
Morelia Public CellJOIN
Oaxaca CityJOIN
Puerto Escondido Permacultura Escondido Freedom CellJOIN
Puerto Vallarta MexicoJOIN
San CristobalJOIN
Cancun Resources GroupJOIN
Tulum Resources GroupJOIN
Buy, Sell, Swap, Rent CancunJOIN
Buy, Sell, Swap, Rent TulumJOIN
Digital Nomads MexicoJOIN
Cancun NomadsJOIN

How to Get the Most Out of These Groups

Digital nomad WhatsApp groups in Mexico can offer a treasure trove of resources, connections, and insights. But it’s not just about being a member – it’s about active engagement. Here’s how to maximize your experience in these groups:

  1. Be Active: It’s not enough to just join the group; participate in discussions, respond to queries, and share your experiences. The more active you are, the more you’ll get out of the group.

  2. Ask Questions: If you’re new to the digital nomad lifestyle or if you have specific questions about living in Mexico, don’t hesitate to ask. The collective knowledge within these groups is immense, and people are often eager to help.

  3. Share Your Experiences and Tips: If you’ve been a digital nomad in Mexico for a while, share your insights and tips with the group. Your knowledge could be invaluable to newcomers.

  4. Make Connections: Use these groups as a platform to make connections. Networking is a powerful tool in the digital nomad world. Who knows? Your next business partner or best friend could be in the same group.

  5. Respect the Group Etiquette: Every group has its own set of rules. Make sure you respect them. This not only maintains harmony within the group but also enhances the value everyone gets from it.

  6. Utilize the Search Function: WhatsApp has a search feature that can be used to find previous discussions. It’s a great way to retrieve valuable information without asking the same questions.

  7. Take Initiative: If you know of a useful resource, upcoming event, or relevant update, share it with the group. Taking the initiative to provide valuable content will help you stand out as a contributing member.

  8. Know When to Take Conversations Offline: Not every discussion needs to be held in the group chat. If a topic is relevant to only a few members, consider moving it to a private chat.

By being proactive and respectful, you’ll not only enrich your own experience but also contribute to the overall value of the group, creating a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Wrapping Up

Navigating the digital nomad lifestyle in Mexico can be much smoother with the help of WhatsApp groups. These communities are an excellent resource to make friends, network, and exchange valuable information. So, why wait? Dive in and start connecting!


    Why is Mexico popular among digital nomads?

    Mexico offers affordable living costs, rich culture, beautiful landscapes, and a strong digital nomad community.

    What makes WhatsApp groups beneficial for digital nomads?

    WhatsApp groups offer real-time communication, information sharing, and a sense of community among nomads.

    How can I find the best WhatsApp groups for digital nomads in Mexico?

    Online research, networking, and asking fellow digital nomads are great ways to discover these groups.

    What other resources are available for digital nomads in Mexico?

    Apart from WhatsApp groups, digital nomads can leverage meetups, online forums, and social media platforms.

    What is the etiquette for these WhatsApp groups?

    Each group has its own rules. In general, ensure respectful communication and share only relevant, helpful information.

    Access the Ultimate List of WhatsApp Groups for Digital Nomads in Brazil

    Get a sneak peak of what Nomad Grab has to offer by downloading the most comprehensive list of WhatsApp groups for Rio de Janeiro (specifically for Digital Nomads).

    If you’re ready to travel and experience new adventures, make sure to hop into Qnomads’s app.  Inside our app, you will also find a library of active WhatsApp groups from around the world – like Fitness, Hiking, and Sports groups.

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