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Get introduced to vetted social groups, get plugged in with WhatsApp group chats for parties and events, get advice before making your next big move, or just plain old networking. Never feel disconnected again.

trusted by Digital Nomads in cities all over the world

Everything to help you stay social while jumping from city to city

No need to start from scratch in a new city, you have a social group waiting anywhere you go.

Get Plugged In With WhatsApp Groups

Let us handle the tedious task of finding active WhatsApp groups so you can focus on your adventure!

Video Call Digital Nomads, Worldwide

You no longer need to step into the unknown in a new city - you can call up a digital nomad in your city of interest!

Win FREE Festival Tickets

Take part in our weekly raffles where you can win a flight, hotel, and a free ticket to a festival of your choosing!

Let's dive deeper and see what Nomad Grab has to offer.

A great way to enhance your travel.

By utilizing Nomad Grab, you can dramatically increase the “speed to sociability” in new cities and make sure you stay connected and safe in new cities.

Let us help you succeed at being social.

Plan your next trip through Asia, and Europe (and more…) with a stack of social groups at your disposal.  What a life!

Improve your traveling experience, ten fold

In every aspect of your life while working and living abroad, our app partners with you to help you thrive.

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engage with a worldwide group of nomads

Before you land in your next location, ensure that you have all the tools and resources necessary to make the trip and memorable as possible.

Skip the tourist traps in foreign countries

We know the feeling that we aren’t getting the local experience of a foreign city because we are in a tourist hot spot.  Our Nomads have been to these cities, and have already made the mistakes so you don’t have to.

Find out where the party is, or... get a career switch

Don’t you hate feeling left out in a new city?  Knowing that fun things are going on all around you but without a clue of how to get involved.  Our Nomad’s have partied everywhere and make sure you are well connected in your next city.

On-demand coaching, right at your fingertips

Nomad Grab coaching is self-directed, so you can get the individualized support you need, when you need it.

How our coaching approach is different



Nomads can schedule a coaching session or access learning resources for just-in-time learning in their flow of work or travel.

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Our coaches provide a confidential, third-party perspective outside of work to ensure that employees have a neutral sounding board to chart a path forward



All of our coaches are ACTIVE nomads. The people you are speaking to are actively living in foreign cities and have been for at least 2 years. If you need an answer to something, believe that one of our coaches has been through it as well.

Real nomads, real results

Liam Cooper

Liam used Nomad Grab to get introduced to a vetted Japanese tutor!

Felicity Ryan

Felicity used Nomad Grab to make sure she would be safe in her next city.

April Mao

April found out about a rock festival in Colombia from a Nomad on Nomad Grab!

With our customers, we're shaping the future of Travel

We're proud to work with people leaders who are building remote communities that work for everyone.

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We all need support, and when you're travelling full-time, sometimes you might need a little more. Nomad Grab makes it easy to be a Digital Nomad, and makes it fun. Use our app, 'The #1 Digital Nomad App' and transform your travel experience