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Nomad Grab is the only coaching solution built to provide transformative on-demand consultations for any nomad in the world. Grow as a remote worker, find career opportunities, and get solutions to problems commonly experienced by full-time travelers.

get questions answered before a change in scenery

Nomad Grab makes it easy for you to make that next move.  It’s one thing to google information about a foreign city and it’s an entirely different thing to speak to another nomad who has lived there and experienced it.  Call up one of our Nomads and get all of your questions or concerns addressed at your convenience.

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Getting promotions while you are working remote

Promotions are comparatively lower for remote workers for a lot of reasons. 72% lower in fact. Our nomads work full-time jobs and have experience navigating the promotion process while traveling. From Nomad Grab, you can expect expert guidance with your work and see a promotion in your future.

Traveling can be fun but can also cause stressful situations

We all hear horror stories of nomads getting into tricky situations abroad. And we always think these things can never happen to us.  But trouble comes when you’re not expecting it and some of us have already experienced some on our journeys.  Our nomads definitely have are there for you to help you navigatethese situations.  However embarrassing as they may be, you will always have help here at Nomad Grab.

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traveling alone can be hard but not so hard with friends

For every solo traveler, before moving to a new city, a common concern is about making new friends.  How do I go from being the new kid on the block to having a vibrant social circle?  It is definitely a challenge to build a social circle no matter where you are but it definitely is more challenging when you’re traveling through a city for an undetermined amount of time.  Nomad Grab makes it super easy to find networking opportunities in any city.  Also, we provide tailored support for those that are a little shy.

where the party at?!

One of the worst feelings when traveling is not knowing where to find a good party.  You know that there are amazing parties going on, but you just don’t know where to find them.  What if you could hop on a phone call with a Nomad in Naples to find out the party playlist?  Or maybe you want to get in touch with a promoter there for information on private parties.  Nomad Grab makes it super easy to stay engaged, active, and in-the-know for us heavy duty travelers.

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Nomads who use Nomad Grab Feel More secure traveling

After just one session with Nomad Grab:


feel more likely to proactively address a travel situation.


had access to a tool or resource that made their travel more enjoyable.


report a more positive outlook on their future at the work.

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